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Fields of work
Photography, organising of photo campaigns, production and setting up photo exhibitions, conducting photo courses, compilation and design of printed matter, photo critique.

The main genres of photography
Portrait, reporting, theatre photo, advertisement photo, landscape, still life.

Studies at the Faculty of Philology, LSU (1961–1966).

Participation in exhibitions
Photo club Rīga (1961–1984); numerous international photo exhibitions in states of all continents: Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, USA, Finland, France, Germany, etc. (1960–1984).

Personal exhibitions
The Museum of Foreign Art in Riga (1973), as well as exhibitions in Valmiera, Cēsis, Kuldīga, Ventspils, Šauļiai (Lithuania) (1973–1974);
Kopābūt (“To Be Together”) with poets, artists, photographers (1987);
Latvija. Mūsu Latvija (“Latvia. Our Latvia”) in the USA: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York (1988);
Latvija laikmetu griežos (“Latvia at the Turn of Ages”) at Stockholm University, Sweden (1991);
Latvija 20. gadsimtā (“Latvia in the 20th century”) in Tampere Cultural Centre, Finland (1992);
Baltijas ceļš (“The Baltic Road”) in Higashikawa, Japan (1992);
Auce tevi vārdā sauc... (“Auce Calls You by Name”) in Auce (1999);
Kilometriem garš vārds... (“A Word Kilometres Long…”) in O. Vācietis memorial museum, Riga (2001).

Work experience
Editor of Panorāma in Latvian TV (1961–1963); dismissed from TV, being unsuitable to soviet ideology.
Photographer at the Institute of Wood Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences (1963–1966).
Photo artist and head of Illustrations department at the weekly of creative societies Literatūra un Māksla (“Literature and Art”, 1967–1993). About 8000 images depicting art and cultural life in Latvia have been published in LM, approximately 400 images on the cover. LM photo competitions Darba cilvēks (“Working Man”, 1980), Daba un cilvēks (“Nature and Man”, 1982) and Kultūra laikā un cilvēkā (“Culture in Time and Man”, 1985) have been organised.
Executive secretary of “Literatūra un Māksla” (1994).
Free-lance photographer (since 1994).

Photo campaigns/projects
Participant in photo campaigns: Viena diena Rīgā (“One Day in Riga”, 1987), Viena diena Ogrē (“One Day in Ogre”, 1988), Abi krasti (“Both Shores”, 2006);
Organizer and participant of Viena diena Latvijā (“One Day in Latvia”, with J. Krūmiņš and I. Kalniņš, 1987);
Organizer and concept of photo project/exhibition Latvijas Laiks (“Time of Latvia”, V. Auziņš and S. Voite), Arsenāls (1989);
Participant and consultant in photo campaign Objekts Rīga (“Object Riga”, 2005);
Organizer (with Sigulda Region Council) and participant of Siguldas Buclers. Digitālais (“Buclers of Sigulda. Digital”, 2006);
Organizer (with J. Krūmiņš, V. Koziols and I. Znotiņš) of photo campaign Viena diena Latvijā. Pēc 20 gadiem (“One Day in Latvia: After 20 Years”, 2007).

Photo exhibitions produced and set up
Memorial exhibition of Latvian old master Vilis Rīdzenieks in photo club Rīga (1965);
Exhibition of the project Latvijas Laiks (“Time of Latvia”) in Arsenāls (1988);
Bēgļi laivās (“Refugees in Boats”) in the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (1990);
Sākums (“The Beginning”) in the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (1993);
Saules vārti (“The Gates of the Sun”) – world travellers’ collection of photos in Mentzendorff’s house (2005);
Tēlot sevi (“To Act Oneself” – a group exhibition in Salaspils exhibition house (2006);
Ceļš uz sevi (“The Road to Oneself”) – A. Plaudis personal exhibition in the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (2006);
Jubileja (“Anniversary”) – A. Plaudis personal exhibition in Blackheads’ house (2006);
Impresijas (“Impressions”) – A. Plaudis personal exhibition in Mālpils (2007).

Compilation: Latvijas fotomāksla. Vēsture un mūsdienas (“Latvian Art of Photography. History and Today”, with P. Zeile) Rīga, Liesma (1985);
Compilation, illustrations and design: Prāts prātam (“Mind to Mind”), Zvaigzne ABC (2005);
Idea, compilation and illustrations: Tikai 5 minūtes (“Only 5 Minutes”), Zvaigzne ABC (2005);
Compilation and illustrations: (authors’ collective) Elpo. Dzīvo. Sapņo (“Breathe. Live. Dream”) – Sigulda/800, Nordik (2007);
Photo illustrations to more than 100 books and artistic design of 50 books, the most important among them: about O. Vācietis’ poetry Kur cilvēks sācies, Liesma (1974); Perpendikulārā karote (I. Ziedonis, V. Korotičs, G. Janaitis), Liesma (1972); Bibliotēkai 450, Zinātne (1974); A lett irodalom kistukre, Europa, Budapest (1977); Sovremennaja latišskaja keramika, Sovetskij hudožņik, Moscow (1979); album of reproductions Jānis Valters, Liesma (1982); I. Ziedonis. Tik un tā, Liesma (1985); album of reproductions Indulis Zariņš, Liesma (1986); participation in Latvija, janvāris 1991 (with a group of photographers); D. Kalniņš. Aiz Daugavas vara dārzs, Preses nams (1995); I. Ziedonis. Latviskie ēdieni (1995); Cimdu Jettiņa, Preses nams (1997); Mielasts ar Mārtiņu, Jumava (1997); Tūkstošgades dziesma (with a group of photographers); participation in publishing I. Ziedonis. Raksti in 12 volumes, Nordik (1995–2001).

Thematic photo calendars:
Visi gada laiki zied (1995); Rasa rododendros (1996); Puķuzirņi sudrabā (1997); Ziedi mūzikas skaņās (1998); Ziedi stiklā (1999); Ziedu laiks (2000) – Preses nams publishing house; Dailes teātris (2006); Calendar of newspaper Laiks (2007).

During the period of Atmoda (“Awakening”, 1987–1991) a bulky emotional chronicle of social political events and changes having historical and artistic value, was created. A considerable chronicle of cultural life, a portrait gallery of creative personalities, people having merits in cultural work and social political activities (since 1967).

The Latvian National Theatre, the Daile theatre, LNSO, Banking Institution of Higher Education, publishing houses, advertising agencies and periodicals.

Prize Preses nagla for achievements in photography (1993), as well as a number of international prizes. One of the founders and initiators of Professional Photographers’ association of Latvia, chairman of the board of LPFA (1996–2006). Life grant holder of Culture Capital foundation.

Gunārs Janaitis

Mobile phone: 29250079