Gunārs Janaitis Imants Urtāns Valters Poļakovs

About me
I was born on September 25, 1975.
I do not agree with those who think that photography is frozen as art, which contains only as if stopped moments, as if lifeless images. To my mind, a good photograph always gives rise to a dialogue with the spectator, it tells about human destinies, their feelings and emotional experience.
Best of all I like to work in photo salon with models, unbind them for free expression, depict their mutual interrelation, create dynamic portraits. Cooperation with mothers-to-be turned out successful when making the exhibition Cerību laiks (“Time of Hope”). Certainly the spectator is moved by photo landscapes as well, but if you come to think of it, a human being is part of nature, therefore I do not see any contradictions in this respect. When creating photo portraits, we all enrich ourselves – I as a photographer, the models, and the spectators.
In March – April 2005 I participated in a group exhibition in Blackheads’ House exhibition hall with a series of 12 photographs Viņa (“She”).
2006 – participation in a group exhibition Tēlot sevi (“To Act Oneself”) in Salaspils and Madona.
June 2007 – personal exhibition Cerību laiks (“Time of Hope”) in Riga Latvians Society house.

Valters Poļakovs
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